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Battlestar Galactica's "The Plan"

HBO Cinemax Showtime The Sci-Fi channel proudly presents "The Plan."

If I ever have to teach a unit on the human reproductive system again, I can use footage from the DVD. Look, kids, those are breasts. And more breasts. And more breasts. And this is how you have sex.

(Maybe this is why they're not showing "The Plan" on the Sci-Fi channel until some later date--it's going to take months to do a breast-free edit.)

I now have this urge to type the word penis over and over again just to get some sense of fairness. I've read enough reaction posts to know that there apparently was a penis in the bathroom scene, but I missed it. Maybe because my TV screen is so tiny, or maybe because the penis was camouflaged by ALL THE BREASTS.

penis penis penis penis penis

Well. This is certainly an atypical post for my livejournal, isn't it? (If you can say the word penis in front of an audience of thirteen-year-olds with a straight face, typing it multiple times for an anonymous online audience is not difficult at all.)

It wasn't all-breasts all the time. I liked a lot of the character development--Leoben painting the mandala, WHEEEEEEE! Sam being Sam and therefore awesome. Poor Simon and his family. Doral's teal jacket, ahahahahahah! (That moment was better than I could have hoped for, in fact.) More Jean Barolay content, though there's never enough of that for me.

The Boomer part--I think I liked it, though I reserve the right to change my mind in a day or two. *laughs* I know the origin of the elephant figurine, I'm just a bit weirded out at it being the key to her cylon-memories. Heh. But it was interesting, having Cavil interact with her throughout the season one events.

The differentiation between the two Cavils was a great touch, especially since the Ones (or one One, anyway) eventually caused a schism in another model, the Eights.

The Sixes were all very amusing. Was I supposed to take any of their characters seriously?

New greasemonkey (Simon's wife) managed to get my sympathy.

I'm not sure this should be called a movie; more like a collection of random, mostly-interesting moments*. I guess since it's a Sci-Fi SyFy movie, it can keep the title. Better than "Mansquito," yes?

*They could have done so much more with this. I'm not disappointed, because I wasn't expecting much, but the potential was there for a much better program.
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