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Person of Interest season four finale:

Uneven, but entertaining. Fun, but not necessarily good. I was right about several guesses, or at least close enough. My guesses are in bold, and comments about what actually happened below.

Our Machine will end up mostly dead.
Yes. I didn't guess that its 'DNA' (hah, more humanizing of the Machine) would be in a secure briefcase, but otherwise... I was fairly certain it would be off-line but in limbo rather than completely gone. So, win.

John Reese would be in hiding or mostly dead.
Eh, I think I failed on this one. Yes, he's in a shoot-out that would normally result in his death (or should have resulted in his death way earlier), but he's not hiding, and not incapacitated.

Dominic will die.
Called it. But I didn't expect Elias's death as well. Though for the record... he was still breathing when we last saw him.

I liked that Samaritan's 'correction' included both Elias and Dominic. They're definitely both in that range of humanity that would make a logical target. I don't think Samaritan understands that there will always be someone else to step up and take this kind of role, however.

Iris's appearance will be cursory and not add to the greater plot.
Win. I've been speculating for a while that Iris will be more relevant (heh) in season five. Unless she was supposed to serve as a potential draw for Reese to stay away from Team Machine at the end, in which case the show runners should have done a whole lot more with Reese and Iris than what they did.

Fusco will not die.
We all know he should have died ages ago. he's basically bullet-proof now, even though his story arc hasn't had anything significant since season one.

Greer will die.
Rather disappointed to be wrong about this one. I also didn't predict Greer's 'Correction' trap, nor Control's sad demise. Also, Shiffman and Grice! :(


So... I chatted with RL friend who watches the show. Her conclusion about Finch's conversation with his creation? Ridiculous and awesome. I tend to concur. It was over-the-top, with Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" and the Father label. But kinda fantastic in spite of its utter ridiculousness?

I love Reese in God Mode. Purty angel of death kneecapping.

Aso for the final moments, Angel did this scenario better. Ah well.

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