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Like a lot of Netflix subscribers out there, I binge-watched their newest original offering, Jessica Jones. It was grim, but very good. The themes of power and abuse make for a very dark show, even though it wasn't as physical violent as, say, Daredevil. It's very much a film noir sort of show, with a hard-edged detective as the leading character (complete with first-person voiceover) and a life-changing traumatic event in that character's life as a focus.

Many, many posts out there highlighting the potential upsetting nature of various elements of Jessica Jones, so I'll refrain from adding to that. It's definitely at the far edge of what I'll watch; I wouldn't want it any more grim. I will say that ultimately the show had a hopeful message: you're not the same after tragic events, but you can move on anyway. (And if you want a list of what I can recall about the possibly triggering dark stuff, lemme know.)

What else? For me there was a bit of a lull in the middle; episode seven in particular was a bit annoying. But as a whole it was a strong season one, and I'm looking forward to more.

The story is very much about Jessica and her closest friend, Trish. Which is great. REALLY great, in fact; I loved it. There were so many other fantastic women. All white, though, with the exception of Claire Temple in the final episode.

Two black men play very important roles, but this isn't their story. (Yet. Hopefully Luke Cage getting his own show soon-ish will help.) Plus a black woman had to die for Jessica to get on the path to saving herself. And other than Claire's cameo in the last episode, the dead black woman is the only woman of color with a name that I can recall in all thirteen episodes.

I really, really wish that the writers had done something different with Jessica, Luke, and Reva. Reva's death at Jessica's hands--however much that was under Kilgrave's control--and then Jessica's choice to have sex with Luke without disclosing that? Is just... icky. And I get that Jessica is supposed to be a very flawed person with PTDS, but that particular choice is going to bother me for a very long time.

Reuben and his sister Robyn made up another problematic element; the relationship we saw hinted at onscreen implied potential abuse and incest, with the sister as the abuser of her twin. Yet nothing is done to clarify that it's abuse; no help is offered, no sympathy other than what we the audience have. At moments it came across as potentially comic, in fact, which... yeah. Not good.

Most of the rest was pretty fantastic. Simpson's arc from mindless follower to hero to over the edge worked very well, as did Hogarth's choices in connection with Kilgrave. Kilgrave's ongoing mental enslavement of even the most casual contacts was chilling and horrible. His backstory added a few shades, but overall he's basically a walking excuse avoiding responsibility for the rapes and murders he committed.

Moving on: the trailer for the newest Captain America movie (Civil War is the second part of the title, I believe) doesn’t interest me. 1) In what world are Steve and Tony friends? Work buddies at best. Which is a valuable thing, but… 2) Bucky is a pawn in all of this, and I’m not emotionally invested in Bucky. 3) Marvel movie-verse is severely lacking in women, and I’m just tired of that. It was especially noticeable after watching Jessica Jones. I may well be DONE with CA/The Avengers and the "Only one woman per team allowed" thing they have going on...

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