January 1st, 2020


make me talk in January - day 1

[personal profile] fleurviolette asked: January 1 - TV shows that you didn't expect to like, but ended up enjoying? (This can apply to netflix shows as well!)

So, just under the deadline for the date selected... I think I'd pick Unbelievable, because "a show about rape" was not an instant must-watch for me. I saw a few people mention liking it and read a little bit about the real-life case that the show begins with.

Also, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance goes in this category because I wasn't particularly interested after the first episode, but was glad later that I kept watching.

The Passage had a brief but entertaining run in this group as well: the book series went from "MUST READ" to "Okay" within three books; the show condensed a lot of plot points--to its benefit--and cast a more diverse group of actors. I liked it! Not great tv, but fun enough. Too bad it was canceled after just that one season.

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