January 4th, 2020


make me talk in January - round 2

[personal profile] daybreak said January 4: Who is your favorite ship on The Good Place? (I'm nothing if not predictable!)

Hee! Who could have guessed that DB would ask a question about shipping?!

Um. In a not-surprising not-twist, my favorite ship is the main canon ship, Eleanor and Chidi. It's the pairing that I felt invested in first, and it's the pairing that helps drive a lot of the narrative--whether that's a platonic version or romantic.
  • Michael brings them together for the purpose of torturing them both.
  • It works... but also, Eleanor genuinely starts becoming a better person.
  • So does Chidi! They balance each other well. 
  • Michael himself starts to change as he begins to believe in the potential of humanity. 

I enjoy some of the other pairings on the show; Janet and Jason are hilarious, but I also like Tahani and Jason. But Eleanor and Chidi is definitely my focus... when I have a romantic focus.

(I absolutely adored it that the show went for "soulmates probably aren't real", and that Chidi just went with it. And chose Eleanor. As someone who almost always dislikes soulmates in fiction, it resonated. What can I say... it's way more romantic to me when someone chooses someone else.)

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