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fall TV update

Hey, Person of Interest stuff! Not that the show is back--season five is still on hold, with no official start date. Anyway, reminder that Grimorie started a tumblr-based rewatch comm, watchofinterest. We're in mid season two so far. You can actually post comments there and reply to them, rather than reblogging.

Also, I wrote a very belated episode reaction post for season four's "Terra Incognita". (It's on the Carter LJ comm.)

On to TV that's currently on air. The Flash has been less shiny in its second season, but I'm not close to that nebulous stop watching point. I did stop watching Empire; it hit that questionable consent issue too much in episode 2.01, and I bailed. I still love Cookie Lyon, but I'll just have to 'watch' via gif sets on Tumblr.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is having a decent third season, although I'll be honest: 1) there could be a fifty percent reduction of Jake Peralta content and I'd be pleased, and 2) still not that excited about this new canon pairing. I don't hate it, but eh... see #1 and my lack of interest in Jake.

Dean Winters was in one or two episodes of B99, and I'm still impressed with how much I haaaaated his 'Vulture' character. Acting -- it's amazing. (I loved his turn on T:TSCC, so it's funny to hate him so much as another character.)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues its interesting and problematic existence. So many fascinating ideas! So much failure in some of the writing! I do enjoy it--I wouldn't watch it otherwise--but it consistently leaves me saying "What a mess" after I've had time to mull over an episode.

Anyway, I really liked the flashback episode showing Jemma's time on the alien planet. Elizabeth Henstridge did great things with the material written for her... which was, of course, rather flawed. I'll be very curious to see how much of this POV is, in fact, what actually happened. Also, insert thoughts here about sex and condoms and space-babies, and/or space-STDs. Heh.

I'm behind on Jane the Virgin, which is due in part to the love triangle returning to the forefront. I like Rafael reasonably well, but he and Jane have a lot to learn about how to deal with each other. I like Michael too, but even though he and Jane understand each other, I'm still anti-Michael when it comes to Jane. He lied to her. A LOT. And I'm not feeling forgiving of it. So I basically don't have a pairing that I really want to happen right now, which makes the love triangle storyline annoying.

Books: still re-reading Harry Potter. Currently in book four. Aie, poor Harry.

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