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I'm going to put the real world on hold for a bit and talk about TV.

So, about Jane the Virgin this season... While I'm relieved to (probably) have Michael off the "win Jane's heart" playing field for a bit, the love triangle itself still grates. Of course, I knew from the beginning that it would eventually be a problem for me as a viewer.

Ah well. While season two hasn't quite managed the light airiness of season one, it's still an enjoyable show. Good cast, decent writing, bright fun colors on set, and The Narrator; he makes everything five times more awesome.

Hm. I thought I had more to say about that, but... not really in a coherent way.

Supergirl's debut reminded me that my irrational dislike of Calista Flockhart still exists. She hasn't been doing any shows or movies that I've watched in the past several years, so I'd sort of forgotten about her and my completely irrational dislike of her. I can't even pinpoint what it is, but it's there. Clearly it's a me thing, and not a her thing, but... *shrugs*

Add in that I've never much enjoyed the "will murder you if you make her coffee wrong" trope, and I have a serious Cat Grant character problem. She's not a main character, though, just a very present secondary character. At least I hope that's the case.

Aside from that: the show needs some improved writing. It's clunky and awkward. The title actor is very good; I don't know anthing about Melissa Benoist, but she does well with the role of Kara Danvers/Supergirl. I do like the family elements, with her adoptive sister as a protective presence in Kara's life. I also like James Olson, who is charming and gorgeous. Not so excited for nerdboy colleague whose name I forget, but eh. *waves hands*

I stopped watching Empire. The season two opener managed to provide two sexual/romantic relationships that edged toward extreme power imbalances, with Anika sleeping with a rich and powerful woman at Cookie's behest, and Jamal getting back with his former boyfriend. And I get a bit too skeeved out by the power imbalance and questions of consent to stick around for more.

I can name at least three other shows I've quit that fit this pattern as well. Sorry, Taraji P. Henson! I'm gonna miss seeing you on the little screen.

Like JtV, The Flash hasn't been as strong its second season, though I'm hopeful for improvement. Getting Tom Cavanagh back helps a lot. The current romance is almost unwatchable, though; Barry and Patty are both so bumbling in the romance department that I just wince. I literally can't watch some of the time. Fingers crossed that the romance is of short duration, especially since the writers aren't giving Iris West enough to do now. And Candice Patton is one of my main reasons for watching this show.

Sleepy Hollow is still causing my hope to dwindle, but I haven't quite given up on it. The writers seem determined to give Ichabod a love interest--not Abbie, of course, because why pair up the couple with actual chemistry?--and it's the last thing this show needs. The women they're introducing for the love interests (one in flashbacks, one in the present day) are just superfluous in the plots so far. And the writing is cringe-worthy for poor Betsy Ross. I've started fast-forwarding through her scenes. (I won't say anything about the acting, since the material is awful enough for me to give the actress the benefit of the doubt.)

Honestly, it's not just the extraneous love interests getting bad writing, though. But Jenny is getting some screentime, and maybe... maybe things will pick up?

Elementary is back, but only two episodes so far. Nothing much to report yet. I will say that the makeup artist has done an incredible job making John Noble resemble Jonny Lee Miller. It's amazing.

Good heavens, one of these shows is gonna get cut simply due to time factors, right? The only reason I'm mostly caught up right now is because I took a sick day last week. The show most likely to get pushed back to "wait until it gets to Netflix" status is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

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