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Shipping is messing up my TV shows. Or rather, my changed perceptions of romantic pairings has altered how I enjoy (or don’t enjoy) certain shows. I used to go along with whatever canon ships were presented, and that was that. At least for the most part. Now I’ve gotten more picky, and certain ships have become deal-breakers if the writing does nothing to call out / fix the problems in the ship.

I’m gonna blather about Jane the Virgin and Agent Carter and the ships I dislike on those shows, AND how Brooklyn Nine Nine managed to win me over. This goes behind a cut. Spoilers, obviously.

Michael and Jane on Jane the Virgin, for instance: I was never going to be a big fan of the pairing, but I could have gone along with it if the writers had done, well, ANYTHING to address the problems that Michael has had. Problems that made him act like a jerk and lie to Jane multiple times in season one. Actions that mean he’s a corrupt cop. Instead we’re supposed to forgot about those and reframe Michael’s problems as somehow Jane’s fault… IDK.

It was bad enough that I gave up on the show. I can see the appeal of Michael, and Michael x Jane, but I can’t deal with it if they don’t address the crappy stuff he did.

Agent Carter has fans hoping for a third season. I’m still getting over how angry I am over the way the show treated Jason Wilkes (black scientist, lone character of color in a sea of white people, introduced as a love interest for Peggy, promptly sidelined) and used him as a prop for a love triangle to eventually give us Peggy x Sousa. Not a ship I actually hated before the season began, but one that felt very… lacking, I guess.

I wouldn’t be so anti-Peggy x Sousa now if they hadn’t bungled the writing for Jason so badly. But they did. And now I don’t know if I’m interested in watching a third season, because it will probably mean more Peggy x Sousa.

Brooklyn Nine Nine gave us a canon ship I didn’t much like with Jake and Amy… and they won me over. The show is FAR from perfect, and has its boring and even embarrassing moments. But there’s a lot they do right. The way Jake and Amy interact as a couple has been way more positive and healthy (and even funny!) than I might have guessed. The writers have actually done a lot to give me a reason to believe that Amy would like Jake enough to keep dating him: mostly by making Jake respectful of the ways he and Amy are different, rather than whine and try to make her change. When Jake has his moments of immaturity, he’s quick to move along and apologize for them.

So to summarize: I gave up watching JtV even though I like the characters (including Michael) because I can’t deal with the canon ship they’re currently sailing, and how the writers have ignored past problems with it. I don’t really care if Agent Carter gets renewed, because the “commitment to diversity” was really just one character who got shafted for the sake of a different ship. And Brooklyn Nine Nine is still on my watch list because they’ve made an immature character step up and become… dateable… and still funny.

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