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Apparently my brain decided it had too many things to track, so livejournal/DW got pushed over the edge. But I'm still around! Just not... here.

I do use tumblr. More than I should, in fact, although that tends to go in spurts. I was internet-free for a month this summer, more or less. And some days I'm too busy to do any social media of any kind.

Anyway! I've been reading books lately. Or least attempting to do so.

  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children was a bust. I didn't finish it, and don't care enough to try again. (I didn't know about Johnny Depp's film adaptation until later, so his ridiculous comments weren't a factor in liking or disliking the book.)

  • I did at least finish Magic Bites by Kate Andrews, but I didn't care enough about any of it to keep reading the series.

  • Seanan McGuire's tenth book in her series with October Daye came out last month: Once-Broken Faith. It was an enjoyable foray into her fae world. As usual, McGuire has nicely competent prose ad plotting.

  • McGuire's other pen name is Mira Grant, and I read her three zombie books that started with Newsflesh. Mixed feelings on one element, but it was still an interesting series.

  • E.K. Johnston's A Thousand Nights was gorgeous; highly recommend this retelling of Sheherazade.

  • The Memory Keeper's Daughter was a compelling look at America's recent treatment of people with Down Syndrome. Kim Edwards clearly did her research in creating this compelling fictional family.

  • Justin Cronin's vampire(ish) trilogy ended with The City of Mirrors. I still rec the first book (which I loaned to someone, but I don't know who?), but the other two... eh.

  • More post-apocalyptic narratives! Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel, gets an enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

ETA: Whoops again, I forgot to mention Discount Armaggedon by McGuire. Fine pulp fiction, I'd say. Very pulpy: monsters, competitive dancing, enemy/love interest boy, etc.

Also, I'm reading Taraji P. Henson's memoir Around the Way Girl, but I have a long way to go in that. Oh, and I haven't even mention the four or five re-reads I've done, but now this is getting way too long.

So... TV catchup post soonish? First I have to actually watch the TV that I'm behind on. Yikes. (Mostly I've been rewatching Parks and Recreation while grading papers, because my beloved Law & Order isn't on Netflix anymore. It was such a perfect grading-papers show!)

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