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One thing I should have mentioned about The Umbrella Academy in my previous post: it is jarringly violent at times. IMDB says it's 'TV-14', for whatever that's worth.

One thing I've seen now that I'm no longer avoiding spoilers: some negative reaction to Luther and Allison being written as a potential couple. Which, yeah, as soon as I thought about it, rather than just experienced it as part of the storytelling, I get why it bothers some viewers. All seven of the Hargreeve children were legally adopted (I'm assuming) by Rupert Reginald Hargreeves, so a romantic relationship between two of those children is, in fact, incest.

My own life experience doesn't include half-siblings, step-siblings, or adopted siblings. It doesn't occur to me to think, "How might this impact viewers who have adopted siblings, to see their family situation portrayed as something to lead into a romance?"

So I get it at a rational level, but at a gut-level? I just thought they were cute. They're not related by blood, and the other main reason to have a cultural incest taboo is the power imbalance, which doesn't apply here. (They're the exact same age, and they're now both adults. Any potential power imbalance has, literally, been muted with Allison's near-death.)

Also, the whole Gothic-style mansion and dysfunctional family with incestuous undertones is sort of a standard writing trope. I'm not saying that we should keep that trope, by the way. Just that it's very familiar. And when your dad is either a semi-immortal being or a time traveler, who experiments on you, and your mama is a robot, falling in love with your (unrelated) sibling doesn't seem like the worst of the things going on in your world, eh?

In other words: yeah, I'm gonna ship 'em.

Finally: while I'm defiantly shipping Luther and Allison, I'm not very invested in them as a couple. This is more of a "the narrative ships them, and I'm fine with that, and they're very pretty people to look at, both separately and together." Also, Allison makes Luther a more tolerable and relatable character.

But! Going forward, I really hope that the narrative gives Allison room to be someone more than just Luther's love interest. She definitely had that in season one, but her situation has changed a lot now.

This is particularly something I want because we had three women with a lot of screen time, and all three of them had romances, or lack of romance, as an important element in their stories. Which is fine; most people want connections like that. But the men got a more diverse set of motivations and storylines. Since there are more men in the show, that's not surprising, but I'm hoping that they diversify the women's stories a bit more.

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