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TMFU imports: "Love ya Illya"

Tumblr has an 'anonymous ask' option that users can enable; I received this ask in early 2019.

I'm not a huge Star Wars fan but I love tmfu (hence why I follow you) but seeing commentary on the latest installment of SW makes me a bit relieved tmfu never got a sequel because I really didn't want to writers to ruin my ship (or the entire universe) with a terrible follow up film...

*fist bump of solidarity for unpopular opinions* I’ve been relieved that there’s no sequel to TMFU within days of watching it for the first time this summer. After seeing it, I thought, “Hey, maybe I should check out some of Guy Ritchie’s other films, because I like this one so much!”

And then I read what happened to Irene Adler in the first minutes of the second Sherlock movie, and thought, “Nope, never mind!” (and decided that it was a narrow escape).


In fact, she just had her 80th birthday this past September. To celebrate, Gaby went to… *spins mental wheel of chance* …Ecuador. Where she went to see the glaciers at the equator.

tags I used (since expressing oneself in the tags is a tumblr thing to do): ps yes gaby and illya are definitely a couple. eventually. but living to 87 is a stretch. especially given how hard spy life can be on the body
so gaby travels to ecuador with some friends and posts photos of the mountains on her instagram account for the grandchildren to admire and she wishes illya could have seen it but they had a good and happy life together so there's that
gaby teller is gonna LIVE FOREVAHHHH (i mean. there were REASONS why i had never watched a guy ritchie movie before being stuck on an airplane for ten hours. those reasons being: TWO WHITE DUDES. that's what his movies are about. and yup tmfu definitely qualifies but it also has gaby and illya the subbiest spy sub since john reese)

red-tinted image from the ending images of the film The Man from U.N.C.L.E.
From a post I wrote in late 2018:
Given just how thoroughly modern psychology has abandoned Freud’s work (for good reason), I wonder what–if any–kind of diagnosis Illya would be given now in place of Oedipus complex?

My opinion:

  • Illya has a deeply-ingrained protectiveness toward women--partly cultural (both time and place), but mostly thanks to the time after his father's arrest.
  • (It sounds like his mother turned to sex work to survive, although they don't use that term in the film).
  • I can easily imagine Illya as someone who would have a subconscious draw toward pleasing women who resemble his mother.
  • But the ‘classic’ (ugh) Freudian definition of Oedipal Complex, with the sexual desire of the parent, doesn't get any reinforcement within the film. And Freud was indeed “more than a little whacked” (per @mollokoplus), so who cares what he says?

A very silly theory about that Oedipal complex (also from late 2018)
So I was (over)thinking various ways that Illya’s end-credits dossier would have a certain psychological diagnosis listed for him, and, uh, this is the result.

First we need baby KGB agent Kuraykin:

Armie Hammer in his early twenties, wearing a suit
(Poor baby agent Kuryakin can’t afford his super-hold pomade yet, so we still have ACTUAL HAIR TEXTURE.)

Next we need a VERY TALL blonde woman as the head of a Russian crime syndicate that baby agent Kuryakin is investigating. I’m going to go with Gwendoline Christie.

Christie in a black-and-white photo; her scar is visible on her upper lip
Baby KGB agent Kuryakin takes one look at the 6′3″ blonde and decides that, much like his own mother, Russian Gwendoline Christie must be a tragic victim of circumstance rather than a criminal mastermind. She needs to be protected from the terrible influences around her!

Unfortunately, everyone–including Russian Gwendoline Christie–misreads the stoic Kuryakin and decide that he must be attracted to her rather than wanting to protect her.

(Russian Gwendoline Christie even tries this look in an attempt to seduce Agent Kuryakin:

Christie on the red carpet
but all it does is make him more certain that Russian Gwendoline Christie must be saved from the awful influences in her life that would make her resort to this.)

Russian Gwendoline Christie was very much NOT interested in turning away from her successful life of crime, and eventually baby agent Kuryakin’s senior agent gets tired of waiting for his junior partner to figure things out, and arrests her.

And that is how Agent Kuryakin gets diagnosed with an Oedipus Complex.

That’s also why, years later, as Oleg and Sanders plan the work for their two spies in this joint Teller mission, Oleg pushed for Kuryakin to pose as Gaby’s fiancé rather than work the Vinciguerra side of the case. Another 6′3″ blonde? He’s not going to risk it.

Illya and his mad skills (at languages): From this tumblr post that screencapped some of those images at the end of the film with Illya's dossier, we got to this conversation about Illya's skills.

We definitely get cheated on the languages block, but we do get the very end of it, with the top line ending in -ish and the bottom one ending in -ian. My guess is a possible specialty in Eastern European languages. The -ish is likely Polish, but the -ian could be Ukrainian (likely, given the spelling of Illya), Latvian, Belorussian….

Isn’t one of his former residences the Russian equivalent of Silicon Valley? I seem to remember that it is. And in a shout-out to the TV show, another former residence is Cambridge.

Zelenograd is what you mean by the equivalent of Silicon Valley, I’m assuming. Illya couldn’t have lived there very long; it was started in 1958.

I haven’t caught ‘Cambridge’ in any of my rewatches, but that’s not surprising; those images go by so quickly.

Polish would be PERFECT for what I’m writing at this very moment, heh. I’m going with it. And Eastern European languages would just make sense, given the states in the Soviet Union.

And the movie takes place in 1963. That’s 5 years. And more than enough time to learn programming languages.

The trick is to find a good set of stills–or create them yourself.

But I’m supposed to be working on my own story, so theoretically no time for things like that!

Oh no. I’m sliding into the rabbit hole of computer programming languages in Russia in the 1950s and 60s, and Alfred Sarant and his influence in forming Zelenograd…

You’re right; if Illya lived in Zelenograd long enough for it to be listed on his UNCLE dossier, it was probably connected to computer programming. Especially since he’s been trained in COBOL too.

Hmm. From Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces) to KGB, with computer programming and eastern European language(s)? That’s an impressive list.

Rose said: #KGB’s best#gaby’s boytoy#illya kuryakin#tmfu#tmfu reference#but how did illya learn cobol? is my question#he probably learned to use algol in zelenograd#but cobol is a western computer language. yes?#i think so

Cambridge? What was he doing there, anyway? TV!Illya was a physicist.

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