patron saint of neglected female characters (rose_griffes) wrote,
patron saint of neglected female characters

a thought I had yesterday

John Reese (Person of Interest) = the titular male lead on The Mandalorian = Geralt the Witcher. Discuss.

  • a handsome and physically fit leading man
  • who has deep psychological wounds
  • but is nonetheless kind and wants to do what’s right (even if it’s not always clear what ‘right’ is)
  • laconic; when he does speak, his voice is raspy and soft
  • also really likes in-charge women
  • accidentally collects children

Well, this explains why I suddenly find Henry Cavill attractive.

(I still haven't watched any of The Mandalorian, but from what I've seen online, I'm betting that this is an accurate summary for him as well.)

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Tags: netflix with no chill, person of interest, the witcher (tv), tv

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