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make me talk in January - round 3

Question from [personal profile] aurumcalendula: Favorite book you've recently read?

That's easy enough: the Shadow and Bone trilogy (also known as the Grisha trilogy, I believe) by Leigh Bardugo. By far my favorite book (series) of 2019. But if you've been here a while, y'all have seen the evidence of my sudden starry-eyed love of it. Fortunately, I have at least one more book in the Grisha verse to read.

The Shadow and Bone trilogy reminds me of The Witcher (Netflix) in some ways! A story chock-full of the usual tropes from tales of magic, but executed in interesting ways that allow female characters to have plenty of space in the narrative. To be more accurate, though, in the Shadow and Bone trilogy, there's no doubt of who the lead is: Alina. Her POV is the only one within the novels, other than the intro and outro for each book, which is a 3rd person narrative fairy tale introduction or recap.

If I step back to 2018, then Justina Ireland's Dread Nation was a favorite novel. I already have book two on auto-buy for when it's available.

I've enjoyed recent books by Ben Aaronovitch (Rivers of London series) and Seanan McGuire (so many books!), just to name two other authors who are perpetual favorites and actively publishing. Also, I'm currently waiting for my next Ross Agency mystery from Delia Pitts; great for a bluesy, soulful look at life (and death) in New York City.

Thanks for the question! You can still ask a question for this month if you wish.

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