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a link and a little bit of love

[personal profile] bookshop has a very detailed timeline of the ongoing battle at the Romance Writers of America. I haven't finished reading, but there are more details here (with documentation) than I've seen in mainstream reports, which gloss over the starting point(s).

I have now watched season one of The Witcher twice. It is a delight. This person's look at the genre gets it (I'm skipping the slightly spoilery bits):
What I’ve come to appreciate about The Witcher is just how gleefully committed it is to being Big Fantasy.

There’s more troubled monarchies in need of rescuing than you can toss a coin at. There’s people in complex face prosthetics, and there’s CGI landscapes mixed with beautiful locations. There’s costumes, swords, and magic magic magic. But that’s only the start–there’s also an internal, metatexual history being written in the story as decades pass and Geralt affects world events. And how is this expressed?

There’s something just deliciously fun about a live action fantasy series that embraces the drama, the absurdity, and the splendid zeal of the genre. If The Lord of the Rings made our hearts grow and Game of Thrones made our minds race… perhaps The Witcher, at last, can set us free to revel.

I've been thinking that there's something very like Buffy the Vampire Slayer in The Witcher: the commitment to the sheer silliness of its premise, the gleeful stripping of myths for their parts while still trying to honor why we loved those stories, the beating heart of humanity expressed through super-powered tortured leads who don't really believe in their own humanity anymore... IT IS FUN.

Now, what to do with current hyperfixation? Also, what about mini-fixation impulse to write Star Wars post-film fic? How to balance that with the desire to continue Gaby backstory fic for The Man from U.N.C.L.E. ?

Also, there's work. I have work tomorrow. Yeah, time to turn off the computer and focus on that.

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