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Oh, Star Wars fandom. There's nothing quite so awful, is there? Yet again, there's ongoing drama with fangroups A through Z... which is why I'm reluctantly admitting to outlining a possible idea for post-The Rise of Skywalker fanfic. If I manage to coax it into existence, it will satisfy me and probably no one else.

Unfortunately, that fanfic idea is centered around Finn. I say </i>unfortunately</i> because that means it won't really fit the upcoming [community profile] halfamoon celebration, which focuses on female characters. I'm bringing up the topic because hey, [community profile] halfamoon is almost here! Here are this year's prompts. Yes, the prompts are available early.

Hm. Maybe I can coax something Gaby-related into existence before the end of February. I have a couple of long-unfinished fanworks about her...

Somewhat related to this: via [personal profile] goodbyebird, The Bodies of the Girls Who Made Me: Fanfic and the Modern World is Seanan McGuire's commentary on fanfiction and writing as a (white) woman in a world that focuses more on a (narrowly defined) male perspective.

FYI, I'm not going to cross-post entries at livejournal anymore. I'm not planning on deleting that account; I was co-moderator for multiple communities there. Everything on my own livejournal has now been mirrored here (comments too); there's no reason to keep adding to posts there.

Reminder to self: finish snagging those last few icons from LJ and upload 'em here.

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